Type DH

Type DH

Nanotesla sensor can detect magnetic field changes 1/50000 orders of magnitude smaller than the earth's magnetic field.

Cancels static magnetic fields like the earth's magnetic field and detects the magnetic fields caused when microscopic magnets move.

In use as sensor to detect microscopic ferrous foreign substances.

  • Description:

■ Noise spectrum


■ Specification

Model No.MI-CB-1DH
Supply voltage5.0V (Typ.)
Detecting range4.0 μTpp(at +/-40 μT DC field)
Sensitivity1V / μ Ť
Frequency response0.1Hz至1kHz @ -3dB
Output linearityLess than 2%FS
Noise200pT/1σ (1Hz to 1kHz )


Operating current

single type 15mA; multi type 6mA

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■ Selection

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■ Element Position / Direction

■ DH connection diagram for single & multi-use

MConnection diagram for single MI-CB-1DH-S-A(B) & Multiple MI-CB-1DH-M-A(B) Use

■ Multiple DH Use

1) Caution for MI-CB-1DH Multiple Use

Operating multiple MI-CB-1DH-S at one time, especially with common power source, they may malfunction caused by the interference among the individual oscillators. If you wish to use multiple MI-CB-1DH, please select the MI-CB-1DH-M together with common oscillator MI-CB-1DH-OSC. MI-CB-OSC will be attached to the order of MI-CB-1DH-M.

2)Connection Diagram

■ How to Remove AC Coupling

MI-CB-1DH is designed to output the AC component of the detected magnetic field, it may be desirable to output the DC component too. Applyingthe following modification will remove AC coupling.


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Type DH