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MI sensor application

  • Safety inspection

  • Medical treatment

  • Driveless

MI product advantages

NO.1 Ultra-high sensitivity-the essence

Compared with other products, MI is a sensor with a high sensitivity of more than 10,000 times. Not only can it sense geomagnetism, it can even sense the magnetic ink of banknotes and the magnetism of living organisms.

Theoretically, the magnetic field strength of fT units (1T=1015fT) can be detected, so it has a wide range of possibilities yet to be developed.

NO.2 Ultra-small, significantly smaller

Compared with products with the same sensitivity (Ex. SQUID), MI products are significantly smaller.

MI can be used in various fields such as smart phones and watches.

NO.3 has the advantages of extremely fast response and low power consumption.

Able to achieve a fast response of 100kHz. Although it is a highly sensitive pulse drive, its power consumption is extremely low.

Very fine metal fiber (schematic diagram)

Amorphous wire of metal fiber thinner than hair is independently completed by Aichi Steel from raw materials to production. Through a special manufacturing method, it has an amorphous state. This state can achieve ideal soft magnetic characteristics, highlighting the characteristics of MI.