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  • MAGFINE® is the strongest anisotropic bonded magnet in the world.

    By exploiting the high degree of freedom of its shape, we can achieve applications (motors and drives) that perform equal to or better than Nd sintered magnets. In addition, it can be omitted through injection molding and does not contain rare earth elements.

MAGFINE® 3+1 Features

01  MAGFINE® is the strongest anisotropic bonded magnet in the world

Its magnetic force is 5 times that of ferrite sintered magnet, 2 times that of Nd isotropic bonded magnets, and 1/2 that of Nd sintered magnet.

The reason is that MAGFINE® uses anisotropic magnetic powder with excellent magnetic properties made by the d-HDDR method.

Since MAGFINE® is a composite material of magnetic powder and resin, it has a high degree of freedom in shape, and by realizing the ideal motor design, it is possible to design stronger magnetic force than sintered magnet, with smaller size and equal or higher motor output

In addition, due to the resin existed between the magnetic particles, current is about 100 times more difficult to flow compared to Nd sintered magnets.

In a high-speed rotating motor, the eddy current generated in the magnet hardly flows, and the self-heating of the magnet is few, so the decrease in the magnetic force (thermal demagnetization) can be suppressed, and the motor efficiency can be improved

02  Omitting the motor manufacturing process

The cutting process, assembly gluing and magnetization process commonly required for motor manufacturing can be omitted as one process through integral injection molding. As a result, the number of personnel and equipment can be reduced, and problems in production technology, such as changes in adhesion and magnetization, can be solved.

03  Resource conservation (Dy, TB, Co free)

Except for Dy and TB, which are valuable earth resources, and rare earth elements with unstable supply and large price fluctuations, Co, a special chemical substance, is not used at all. Therefore, resource risk can be reduced and stable resource procurement can be expected.


Nd sintered magnet

Nd isotropic bonded magnet

Nd anisotropic boned magnet


0+1  Rotor design

We pay special attention to the idea of using the world's strongest bonded magnets to create final products with our customers. We believe that by taking advantage of the freedom of magfine shape and designing and manufacturing the rotor with the best shape suitable for the final product, this will lead to the innovation of the final product of our customers.

IPM rotor design excluding rare earth element Dy and Tb  
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A new design that realized 30% weight down by adopting Magfine®

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