Magnetic Amorphous wire
Magnetic Amorphous wire

Magnetic Amorphous wire

Amorphous magnet wire is a high-performance material with excellent soft magnetic properties. Utilize the unique magnetic properties of amorphous magnet wire and apply it to various fields.

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■ Features

Magnetic Amorphous wire is available in two types: a high magnetic permeability type that exhibits soft magnetic properties and the LB type which demonstrates unique magnetic characteristics (large Barkhausen jump). Standard shapes are round wire at 100 and at 30 micrometer diameter and flat wire at 35x500 and 40x300 micrometer. We handle requests for other specifications for individual projects.

■ Major applications

Core wire: Rotation sensors, magnetic field sensors, variable sensors, distance sensors, stress sensors, torque sensors, deflection sensors, etc.

Label containing Magnetic Amorphous wire: Security labels, identification markings

■ Technical Materials

1. What is an amorphous material?

Amorphous means the material is a solid without a regular crystalline structure (see the diagram below).



2.Manufacturing method

We manufacture round profile amorphous wire with an in-rotating liquid spinning method and flat profile amorphous wire with a single-roll method. The basic structure of our Magnetic wire is CoFeSiB, whereas our High-Strength wire is CoFeCrSiB.

1)The in-rotating liquid spinning process

Liquid layers are formed on the inside of a rotating drum using centrifugal force and metal (molten metal) that has been heated and melted is blown onto the liquid layers. Before the molten metal can crystalize, the fluid layer causes rapid cooling and solidification to create the amorphous wire.

2)The single-roll method

Metal (molten metal) that has been heated and melted is blown onto the surface of a cooled rotating drum. As the metal rapidly cools on contact with the turning drum surface, a flat profile amorphous wire is obtained.