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Several precautions when using powerful magnets

Editor:爱知磁石科技(平湖)有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-12-08 

When using a powerful magnet, there are several points that must be paid special attention to, so that it can better exert its effect, so what should be paid attention to?

1. In the process of using a powerful magnet, the packing workplace must be clean enough, otherwise it is very easy to absorb small magnetic particles such as iron filings and affect the use. If it is made of neodymium iron boron, its characteristic is that it is hard and brittle, and its suction force can reach more than 600 times its own weight, which is very easy to suck and damage. Therefore, during the operation, we should try our best to avoid bumping and damage for small specifications. If it is large specifications, we must pay more attention to personal safety and protection.

2. When storing powerful magnets, be sure to keep the room ventilated and dry as much as possible, otherwise the humid environment will easily cause the magnets to rust. And the ambient temperature should not exceed the maximum working temperature of the magnet. If the product is not electroplated, it is recommended to apply oil to prevent rust when storing, and the storage of magnetized products must be far away from magnetic disks, magnetic cards, magnetic tapes, computer monitors, watches and other objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields. In addition, the material of the magnet is relatively fragile. During transportation and electroplating (coating), the magnet factory tells everyone to ensure that the magnet is not subject to violent impact during the installation process. If the method is improper, it may especially cause the damage and cracking of the magnet. When transporting in a magnetized state, remember to shield, especially in air transport, you must remember to shield thoroughly.