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The business policy of AICHI STEEL

With the aim of achieving our vision of becoming the “Company of Choice Globally,” Aichi Steel has launched an in-house company system to accelerate the pace of decision making, formulated the Aichi Way as a value system shared by all employees, conducted branding activities to disseminate information about the New Aichi Steel concept, reinforced systems for unity between labor and management through the Labor-Management Cooperation Declaration, and took other measures. A so-called once-in-a-century revolution exemplified by CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, and Electric) has started in the automobile industry, and approaches to corporate management represented by ESG∗ 1 and the SDGs∗ 2 and living and working styles are undergoing major transformations.

Amidst these changes in the social environment, which are occurring at an unprecedented pace, I believed that it is necessary to establish guidelines concerning the actions that the Aichi Steel Group should take in the future, and this year, the 80th anniversary of Aichi Steel's foundation, we formulated the Vision 2030,  which looks ahead next 10 years. The fundamental policy of the Vision 2030 is enhancing earnings capacity by reforming business and manufacturing capabilities while putting ESG management into practice. We will undertake proactive and bold action so that we can become a leader in ESG management while surviving and achieving continuous growth during this period of major transformation.

The Vision 2030 establishes three major management guidelines:
  (1) Contribution to a sustainable global environment;
  (2) Creation of a prosperous society through business reform; and
  (3) Employee happiness and corporate development.

These guidelines express our commitment to contributing to the global environment and society through far-reaching reform of the business model mix and growth investment as well as development as a company where employees can engage in meaningful work with pride and vitality.

When implementing these guidelines and measures, raising earnings capacity and maintaining a sound financial standing will be essential. We set as our profit target consolidated operating profit of at least 20 billion yen, which represents a record high. The future is highly uncertain because due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will undertake business reforms adapted to environmental change, which is the numerator of fractional management, and manufacturing reforms centered on TPS∗ 3 and quality control, which is the denominator, even more than in the past so we can make steady progress toward achieving the vision.

As a wholly-owned overseas subsidiary, AMT actively follows and responds to the management policy of head office, conforms to the trend of the times, and makes contributions to the globalization development of the society

*1 ESG   Environment , Social , Governance
*2 SDGs Sustainable Development Goals
*3 TPS   Toyota Production System