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We will strive to make positive contributions to societyby providing appealing products from global perspectivesand based on our vibrant and trustworthy corporate qualities.

1.  We will strive to make a positive contribution to society withsafe, appealing and useful technology and products.

2.  We will nurture a corporate culture based on trust,reliabilityand the pursuit of excellence.

3.  we will be a good corporate citizen, ever mindful of ourenvironment responsibilities. 。

Working together to be an even better company!

Aichi Way (Enactment January 2018)

To establish a trusted corporate culture based on global perspectives and contribute extensively to society, based on the following principles, we will respect human rights and comply with the letter and spirit of domestic and overseas laws and rules, and will act independently with social common sense towards building a sustainable society.

(Solutions for sustainable economic growth and social challenges)

We will develop and supply products and services that are useful and safe to society, providing solutions for sustainable economic growth and social challenges through innovation.

(Fair business practices)

We will make every effort to develop fair, unfettered and proper business dealings, and execute responsible procurement. We will also strive to maintain sound relationships with governments and administrations .

(Fair information disclosure and constructive communication with stakeholders)

We will disclose our corporate information in a positive, effective and fair manner and conduct constructive communications with a broad range of stakeholders involved with companies to increase our corporate value.

(Respect for human rights)

Our company respects human rights for all.

(Mutual trust between our consumers and customers)

For consumers and customers, we provide appropriate information services and sincere communication regarding our products and services to achieve trust and satisfaction.

(Workstyle reforms and workplace fulfillment)

We will implement a work style that respects diversity, personalities and individual characteristics while improving our employees' abilities, and also provide a pleasant working environment in consideration of health and safety.

(Tackling environmental problems)

Tackling environment-related issues is something that concerns us all. We will take initiative on these issues as a mandatory requirement for our corporation's existence and activities.

(Contribution to social participation and development)

As a 'Good Corporate Citizen", we will participate positively in CSR activities.

(Intensive risk management)Coordinated risk management will be carried out thoroughly to be prepared for attacks by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters, and anything that may pose a threat to civic life and company activities.