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Organization, systems, etc.Equipment, technology, products

Start of operations at Seki Plant

Established the Silicon Valley Office in the USA

Established AICHI Korea Corporation in Korea

Development of AMI306 compass for smartphones

Development of new Dy-free MAGFINE®powder


Development of magnet production technology using MAGFINE® powder with 30% less alloy

Brought TetsuRiki Aqua F14 to market with Sakata Seed Corp.Completed

The No. 3 Bloom Continuous Casting Machine


Established Aichi Magfine Technology (Pinghu) Co., Ltd.

AICHI FORGE (THAILAND) CO., LTD. moved to Pinthong

Brought small diameter stainless steel reinforcing bar ASCON®-D4 to market

Adopted our Executive Director system

Completed repairs around the front gate of the Kariya Plant

Brought the high-strength and alloyings-saving steel, MSB20, to market

Newly established mass production equipment for high strength abrasive AS shot®

Development and sales of stainless steel for high pressure hydrogen “AUS316L-H2”


Brought high strength specification stainless steel for high pressure hydrogen “AUS316L-H2” to market

Start of sales of magnetic field simulator PalmGauss S for MI sensors and start of sales of MAGFIT MIP material for implants

Established a 4500 ton press for forging crankshafts at our head office forging plant and forging subsidiary (AFT)

2015Completed acquisition of metallic fibers business from Unitika Ltd.

Achieved monolithic extrusion forming technology for MAGFINE® Dy-free bonded magnets

Steel for high-strength control rods adopted for the new turbo engine the Toyota Auris

Start of provision of home gardening fertilizer to Earth Chemical Co.,Ltd.


Commercialized Dy-free bonded MAGFINE® magnets using innovative integrated injection molding method

Began sales of ASCON®-CD6 small diameter stainless steel reinforcing bar in order to expand product lineup of stainless steel reinforcing bars

Start of Production of Metallic Fiber (Amorphous Wire)

Joint development with OAT Agrio Co., Ltd. to develop TetsuRiki-TrePlus liquid compound fertilizer with trace elements


Completed new main building. Start of operations at main building.

Adopted Company System management structure

Automated Driving Demonstration Testing Starts for a Magnetic Marker System Using the Ultra-Sensitive MI sensor

Joint development with NHK SPRING Co.,LTD. of High Strength Leaf Spring Steel for Tracks to improve fuel effeciency

Operation of the CVT hot-forging press line, a world-class high-speed automatic forging machine

2018Construction completed for new administration building

Joint development with Mizuno of an Internal Baseball Sensor Module applying MI sensor

Completes new power card lead frame production line at Gifu Plant

2019Construction on the new Ai-Terrace welfare building completed. Opened to the staff and public.

Started supply of MAGFINE® Dy-free bonded magnets for drone motor use.

World’s first successful practical demonstration of a heat storage system using a calcium-based material

Installation of hot rolling mill line for ring gears completed in anticipation of global expansion.

Construction completed on a new [steel furnace] as a strategic investment for next generation reduced CO2 emissions vehicles

2020Established Zhejiang Aichi Mechanical & Electrical CO., LTD. in Pinghu, China.