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Organization, systems, etc.Equipment, technology, products
1934Establishment of steelmaking division at Toyoda Automatic Loom Works (today’s Toyota Industries Corporation)
1940Steel section spun off to establish Toyota Steel Works,Ltd (in today’s Tokai City)
1943Start of operations at Chita Plant
1945Made AIKO CORPORATION a subsidiary
1954Made AIKO CORPORATION a subsidiary
Brought stainless steel rolled angle bars to market
1964Start of operations at Forging shop
1970Start of operations at Electronic Maticial shop
Start of operation of 6,000 ton forging press
1980Received a PM award for excellent workplaceDevelopment of untempered steel, mass production for crank shafts
1982Start of operations at the No. 2 Melting shop

Start of operations for new steelmaking facilities (80 ton EF-LF-RH-BL/CC)

Development of the multiple steelmaking process technology


Start of operation of billet continuous casting equipment (BT/CC)
Joint development with partner manufacturers of long-lasting, high-quality bearing steel