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Organization, systems, etc.Equipment, technology, products

Received the Deming Prize

Established AIKO SERVICE CO., LTD.


Development of 3D cut steel, mass production for crank shafts

Brought titanium shaped materials to market

Start of operation of formed stainless steel line

1989Start of operation of No 2 Bar Mill Shop
Completed the 50 ton furnace multiple steel making process (EF-AR-LD-BT/CC)

Received the Ishikawa Award

Established Aichi Information System Corporation

1992Received a special PM award for excellent workplace

Brought MAGFIT600 dental magnetic attachments to market

Start of operation of the hot former (rapid forging) line


Start of operations at Higashiura Plant

Made Aichi Steel Logistics co., ltd. a subsidiary

Development of rapid carburizing steel

Start of cold work forging production

Development of high strength, high toughness bainite steel

1995Made Philippine forging company a subsidiary (AICHI FORGE PHILIPPINES, INC.)Development of high strength control rods

Brought construction stainless steel to market

Brought MAGFINE®17 to market, Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B resin bonded magnet

Development of the steelmaking dust recycling technology


Established forging joint venture in Kentucky, USA (Louisville Forge and Gearworks LLC 100% subsidiary from 1999)

Established Aichi Forge USA, Inc. in Kentucky, USA

Development and application of new acid bath technology for stainless steel

Completion of ISO14001 certification of all plants (Chita, Kariya, Forging, Higashiura)

Completion of ISO9000 certification of all plants (Chita, Kariya, Forging, Higashiura)

Made OMI MINING CO., LTD. a subsidiary

Brought APTY titanium putter to market
1999Added AICHI CERATEC CORPORATION as a consolidated subsidiary

Development of strong crank shafts

Development of ACUTO440 stainless steel for blades


Established Aichi Micro Intelligent Corporation (Dissolved in June 2020)

Established Aichi Europe GmbH

Opening of the Hall of Forging Technology Museum

Brought MAGFINE®18/20 to market, Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B resin bonded magnet

Development of ECOSCUT Steel, lead free cutting steel

Brought SUSCON® to market, Stainless steel bars for concrete reinforcement

Created a lineup of small stainless rolled steel H-shape

Established mass production system for Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B resin bonded magnet magnetic powder

Development of the high sensitivity amorphous MI (magnetic impedance) sensor


Established Shanghai Aichi Forging Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in Shanghai, China

Established Asdex Corporation as a forging mold machining business


Brought ScreenBar Stainless steel shapes to market

Brought MAGFINE® 25 and MAGFINE®21H to market, powerful heat-resistant Anisotropic Nd-Fe-B resin bonded magnet for automobiles

2003Established P.T. Aichi Forging Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia

Development of ASTA, a new titanium alloy

Brought MAGFIT DX and MAGFIT IP dental magnetic attachments to market

Brought TetsuRiki Agri with Iron ions to market

2004Start of operations at Gifu Plant
Development of ANRP slag recycling
Technology Brought G2(“G-squared”) to market, the world’s smallest motion sensor for motion control

Start of operations at the No. 7 Forging shop

Made Aichi Techno Metal Fukaumi Co., ltd. a subsidiary

Development of highly sensitive MI sensor able to detect nano-Tesla magnetic fields

Development of TetsuRiki Agri B10/C10 designed for alkaline soils

2007Established Aichi Magfine Czech s.r.o in Libelec, Czech Republic

Brought TetsuRiki Agri Super Great and TetsuRiki Agri F10 to market

Brought AS shot® abrasive to market

Established briquetting equipment for recycled nickel material 

Completed installation of small/medium precision facility

2008Established AMIT Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan
(Liquidation completed in March 2019)
Development of navigation technology for underground markets designed for smartphones using 6-axis motion sensors

Aichi USA, Inc merged with Louisville Forge and Gearworks LLC and changed names to Aichi Forge USA, Inc.