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Realize unmanned driving with an accuracy of less than 5mm, no matter where you are

Under severe conditions such as underground tunnels without GPS signals, snow, fog, and backlighting where optical equipment cannot operate normally, MI technology can still achieve precision control of +/-5mm, lock the position of the own vehicle, and thus achieve safe People driving.

GMPS Technology

How MPS (Magnetic Positioning System) works


①AGV (automatic guided vehicle) in Airports, Seaports, etc.

By placing markers in a grid, MPS will be capable of controlling

②BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

MPS assists drivers with precise docking, or smooth passing for single lane buses.
Autonomous driving will be much easier to achieve than on public roads.

③LRT(Light Rail Transit), Underground Trains

Costly rail systems may be replaced by autonomous bus systems using

④Among High Buildings

High buildings may interfere with GPS signals. MPS will give a reliable alternative in crowded city areas.

⑤Valet Parking

Indoor valet parking will be made easy with MPS. Following the ID numbers of magnetic markers leads the vehicle along a precise route.

⑥Snowfall, Fog

MPS does not depend on optical images, which are often obscured by bad weather.

⑦In the Tunnels, Under the Elevated Roads

MPS gives precise vehicle position, independent of GPS

⑧Reduction of Map Data Amount

MPS significantly reduces telecommunication load for 3D maps, since the vehicle's position is precisely determined and there is no need for position estimation from point group data


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