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FAQ related to product procurement

● Please tell us the price and delivery date of the products and samples

Due to different materials, shapes, quantities, etc., the price and delivery date will also be different. For details, please consult the website.

● What products do you have?

       Our company can provide Magfine ® powder、MAGFINE ® pellet (for injection molding), compression molding products and injection molding products.

       Reference: product list

● Do you provide materials before forming?

Our company can provide Magfine ® powder、MAGFINE ® pellet (for injection molding) . 

Please also tell us the specific application and the desired heat-resistant temperature.

● Does your company produce Nd sintered magnets and isotropic bonded magnets?

Sorry, we don't have.

● We want the quotation. Do you need any information?

We will consult you in detail by web system or e-mail. At that time, please also tell us what products are used, the use environment of the products, the use environment of the magnet, the required heat-resistant temperature, the shape of the magnet and other information.

● Is there a sample of the product?

It can be provided. The specific shape and size need to be confirmed with us

● Do you need to provide NDA for purchasing samples?

Generally not required. For research and development or sample publication, etc., may need to be provided.

FAQ related to technology research and development

● The difference between anisotropic magnet and isotropic magnet

The crystalline particles of anisotropic magnetic powder are in the same direction, and the magnetic field alignment is required after the direction is unified during forming. After magnetization in the same direction, the isotropic magnetic force will reach about 2 times.

● What are the precautions for material selection

According to the use environment (heat resistance, etc.) and the required magnetic force (BR), refer to the attached data for specific discussion.

Reference: about material selection

● Can you do magnetic simulation?

Sorry, our company does not provide magnetic field analysis service separately. If you are interested in buying magnets, we can also assist in magnetic 

● Can you provide SDS or non conformity certificate and other materials?

May correspond. At that time, please inform the target product type, export place, export purpose, etc. (cases requiring non-compliance certificates)

● Can you provide RoHS report?

Can be provided.

● Can you provide the Reach report?

Can be provided.