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Implantable support problem prevention

Countermeasures for loose support

Implantable support (Magfit IP keeper) is a product that is directly fixed on the fixture with screws. Therefore, if it is used incorrectly, the support will loosen. Correct assembly and tightening torque are required for management. In addition, please understand that the patient's bite force, the location of use, and the symptoms of use are different, causing the support to loosen. Please understand.

Key points: suitable torque to fix

1. If the torque is too small, the support will loosen. So please fix it with proper torque. It is best to increase the torque again to fix it one week after the initial fixation. If the torque is less than the recommended torque, it will loosen due to loads such as bite pressure. The support screws began to loosen after installation.

2. If the torque is greater than the appropriate value, or the screw is repeatedly twisted with a larger torque within the appropriate value range, the screw may break. Please also pay attention.

Key point: Forced insertion leads to broken threads

If the holder thread is inserted obliquely, the thread shape may be damaged. Please align the clamp and insert it directly.

Key point: It is necessary to regularly confirm whether the support is loose

If the screw is used in a loose state, the occlusal pressure may cause deformation of the thread pattern and thread breakage. Please regularly confirm whether the support is loose, and if so, tighten it with proper torque.

Measures to prevent broken dentures

Dentures using magnetic attachments are overdentures. The retained teeth serve as fulcrums. The occlusal pressure is concentrated here. As the resin gum bed becomes thinner, the dentures centered near the retained teeth are easily damaged. Consider using reinforcing wires or brackets to increase the rigidity of the denture. Also need to consider the protection of retained teeth. In order to disperse the lateral force and occlusal pressure of the retained teeth, it is also necessary to design the teeth.

Key points: reinforcement line metal gum + reinforcement line

In order to prevent damage to the denture, adding a reinforcement thread to the metal gum is an effective method.

Essentials: Metal cap

After the denture is broken, make a metal cap

Key points: metal gums, metal teeth

After the denture is broken, make metal gums and metal teeth