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Electronic Product

It can be used to detect the direction of the terminal when it is embedded in devices such as smartphones and when using map navigation services.

Electronic products using MI sensors have the advantages of high precision and low power consumption, and are more commonly used in mobile devices and wearable terminals. Since MI sensors entered the electronic equipment industry, they have been used in more than 140 million products worldwide.

AR display in navigation

The correct detection of the terminal's posture can superimpose the navigation and actual images on the mobile terminal.

In addition, according to the inherent magnetic pattern of the building, it is particularly suitable as an indoor navigation device that can lock the position indoors.

Motion sensors and sports applications

In physical fitness, by detecting the weak magnetism emitted by dumbbells, the counting can be repeated. In the bending motion, the posture sensor composed of the geomagnetic sensor and the acceleration sensor can measure the bending angle in real time.

After the MI sensor is installed in the ball, the rotation measurement of the ball can be calculated based on the geomagnetism. Because the MI sensor can respond at a high speed to track the high-speed rotation of the sphere.

Detect the speed of the bicycle. After magnets are installed on the wheels, the speed can be estimated by detecting the number of rotations of the handle mobile terminal. In short, its great advantage is that it does not require a power supply on the movable side.

Posture detection and VR control


It can accurately detect the position and posture of the camera mounted on the VR glasses and drones. The MI sensor has no hysteresis, so there will be no accumulated error due to repeated position and posture changes, and accurate control can be achieved.


3D tracking

After the MI sensor is implanted in the human body, its position can be accurately grasped. Even the fingertips can be equipped with ultra-small MI sensors.

Geomagnetic survey


Using the advantages of miniaturization and low power consumption of MI sensors, it can be flexibly used in electromagnetic detection.

Multi-point measurement can be easily performed, so data monitoring in dangerous areas that cannot be performed by personnel such as volcanic activity and seismic observation can also be easily achieved.

Foreign body detection

The MI sensor can detect and visualize iron-based foreign objects mixed in food. Unlike the large metal detector used in the factory, it can be easily inspected.

In addition, the authenticity of banknotes and the actions of security doors, windows or drawers in the open state can also be accurately captured to achieve home security.