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Product details


・The particle size is 3~5mm, which is easy to spread. ・Even if it is used continuously, it will not accumulate in the soil.

・It does not contain fertilizer, so it can be used without changing the fertilizer.

・Even if it touches the roots, it is not easy to cause damage, and local fertilization can be performed.


・Promote photosynthesis by improving leaf color

・Strengthen root system, increase survival rate and promote growth

・Improve metabolism and promote growth

User target audienceLong growing period, fruits, vegetables and fruit trees, etc.

FeO (iron monoxide), organic


Standard application rate

Cultivation soil and other mixing

Mixing ratio:1L:1g

Farm application

・Dosage for 992㎡: about 50kg-100kg 

・Dosage for 1㎡: about 50-100g

Fruit trees etc.

・Trees less than 1m: about 100-200g per tree

・Trees over 1m: about 200-300g per tree

Examples of use

  • Cultivate 1L of soil and mix 1g and put it in a small tray or pot for seeding or transplanting

  • Sowing, 1m² 50~100g or so before transplanting, then gently mix

  • For strawberries, 2g per plant, transplant after sowing

  • 1 Reverse dosage is about 50-100kg, apply together with base fertilizer

  • When the base fertilizer and top dressing of fruit trees are applied together according to the standard application rate