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Turn weak magnetic signals into accurate medical data

Correctly capture the magnetic information emitted from the human body and aggregate it into effective medical data

The ultra-high sensitivity sensor can detect weak magnetic information from the biological body.

By incorporating metal fibers thinner than hair on the medical device implanted in the body, the ultra-high sensitivity sensor can lock the correct position

Magnetic Amorphous wire

Magnetic Amorphous wire is a high-performance material with excellent soft magnetic properties. Utilize the unique magnetic properties of amorphous magnet wire and apply it to various fields.

High-Strength Amorphous wire

High-Strength Amorphous wire is a high-performance material with excellent high strength and high corrosion resistance. It has excellent processing characteristics and bending resistance, so it can be used for various strength materials.

Type DM

μT (micro Tesla) sensor is a 1-axis linear output magnetic sensor. The measurement range is ±300μT, and the response range is DC to 10 kHz.