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Q:What are the reasons for the reduction of denture suction and what should be paid attention to?

A:There are mainly the following 4 possible reasons

• The temperature rises to 150 degrees; Note: Please do not perform high-pressure steam sterilization. • Affected by strong magnetic fields (MRI examination); Note: Please inform the patient that the denture must be removed during the MRI examination. • The magnet body is worn; Note: Take special care when taking out the denture to avoid wear. • The surrounding resin (Picture 1) is polished and collapsed (Picture 2). Note: There is no gap between the magnet structure and the base. In addition, during regular positioning and maintenance of the denture, ensure that the magnet and the base are in contact.

Q:What are the points to pay attention to during the actual operation of denture implantation?

A1.When the denture gums adjacent to the support are formed, a sufficient clearance angle needs to be given

A2.The height of the top surface of the support should be as low as possible, about 2mm higher than the gum

Explanation: The characteristics of the magnetic attachment body → the realization of the lateral force reduction only requires the denture gum bed to move a little bit.

Therefore, the denture gum bed is in close contact with the support, which is the advantage of a semicircular or cushion-the tolerance of rotation cannot play a role. In addition, if the support is too high, the holding force will work, and the effect of weakening the side force will also not be exerted.

If there is not enough clearance angle to set the magnetic attachment, or the support teeth are installed too high, it is like putting a telescopic crown on the denture gum, which may cause the side force to exert a harmful reaction.

Q:Does Magfit’s magnetic field affect the body?

A:No effect <The magnetic field near the magnet can be measured for identification>

Explanation: It is found that the magnetic lines of force of attraction exist in the magnetic circuit composed of magfit (magnet structure) and support (magnetic stainless steel). It is in a closed loop state and only exists in the loop. In other words, it will not leak out of the magnetic field lines.

A very small amount of leakage is about 0.005T at the edge of the gums, which is lower than the American life safety standard value (0.02T). It is generally considered that the magnetic field in question refers to the moving magnetic field that changes with time. The magnetic attachment is a static magnetic field, which can be said to be no problem.

Q:Will there be any impact on carrying Magfit dentures during MRI?

A:An image about the size of a golf ball around the support cannot be displayed, and the inspection parts such as the oral cavity may be affected.

Explanation: The support itself is not magnetic, but it will reflect on the MRI magnetic field, so it has an impact on imaging.

Therefore, about the size of a golf ball with the support as the center will have an impact, and it will have no effect on most of the brain imaging.

If you need to take out, you can leave a little space in the support part, you can easily take out.

The patient can be reminded in advance to take out the denture in advance before the MRI examination. Or show the product's Magfit product information card to the doctor in the radiology department.