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Product details


•High-concentration iron mixed, economical (diluted 2000-10000)

•Mixed with divalent iron, excellent absorption

•No NPK, no need to change fertilizer, use directly


•Promote photosynthesis by improving leaf color

•Strengthen root system, increase survival rate and promote growth

•Improve metabolism and promote growth

User target audienceAll plants
IngredientFe 15,000mg/L Ca 3,000mg/L Mg 3,000mg/L

Standard application rate

Irrigation and nutrient solution mixingUse once every 7-10 days, dilute 5000-10000 times and apply
Foliar sprayUse once every 7-10 days, dilute 2,000-5,000 times and then apply

Examples of use

  • When raising seedlings, irrigate with liquid diluted 5000 times once in 7-10 days

  • Before transplanting, the seedlings are soaked in a 5,000-fold dilution

  • 5,000 times dilution after transplantation and watering

  • After transplantation, once every 7-10 days, spray the leaves regularly

  • Once a week in a hydroponic (DFT) tank, mix according to the ratio of 1:10000

  • In the dilution tank for nutrient cultivation, mixing is carried out at a ratio of 1:5000 once a week (the original solution tank may rust and cannot be used in principle. It can only be used within a week and can be mixed with tank B (nitrate lime)). Use a water and fertilizer machine, apply 200~300ml for 1 counter (1 counter is about 992 square meters)

  • Plants affected by severe weather such as typhoons and continuous heavy rains shall be diluted 5000 times for foliar spraying